Who are Cannabis Clinics?

Cannabis Clinics was established in 2018 to assist South African patients seeking access to legal, local and imported pharma-grade medical cannabis through either online or in-person consultations. Our mission has been to empower South Africans to achieve health and wellness with medicinal cannabis. A medicine that has a growing body of evidence for a variety of uses; but with a history of being heavily stigmatised and restricted; is made more easily accessible with the help of the Cannabis Clinics team.

For many patients, this may be the first time they have discussed the use of medicinal cannabis. We are here to take every step of the journey with you, from consulting, providing access to doctors able to prescribe medical cannabis, follow ups and sharing stories.

Our team members are experts in medicinal cannabis and are excited to help you along your journey with cannabis. Our partners have helped over 100 000 patients to date, improving their quality of life. We have partnered with entities from Germany, Canada, Australia, Poland, Denmark, France, Columbia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom so we can provide the best for our patients.

Access made simple.


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