Atmos Rx Dry Herb Vaporizers

Atmos RX is the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of portable electronic vaporizers.

As both a wholesale and retail business, they command the vape industry with over 35 patents and 14 trademarks and use their extensive knowledge to drive impactful, innovative change.

Atmos was started with a dream of vaping built for anyone, anywhere, at any time. Founded in South Florida more than 10 years ago, the reputation as an industry pioneer is well-deserved.

Since that time, Atmos has grown into a global innovator and market trend-setter that remains years ahead of the competition. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. The earliest vaporizers were bulky, table-bound devices that were highly impractical.

Atmos secured the first patent for a truly portable, pen-style vaporizer for the market – AtmosRX’s reputation was made, and the rest is history. Now they continue that goal with high-quality vaporizer devices built for the modern vaper, with cutting-edge designs crafted by their in-house engineering team.

They constantly work to improve products to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. With experienced staff and an extensive network of designers, suppliers and distributors, Atmos continues to shape the direction of the Dry Herb vape industry in new and exciting ways!

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