Black Leaf

Black Leaf Bongs – In Weed We Trust

Black Leaf – “In Weed We Trust” This motto is also the building ethos for their whole bong range.

Black Leaf has been for over 20 years the cult name for cool design and high-quality workmanship on all glassware cannabis paraphernalia like Bongs, Pipes and more.

Black Leaf is more than a sales structure. The designs and produces most of its products on its own. For more than twenty years now. In close cooperation with production partners from all over the world, Black leaf design office is constantly developing new products for new trends such as dabbing or vaporising.

In addition to its innovations, the Black Leaf range impresses with its variety of products and offers in every product segment. The range not only offers a huge selection of bongs in every size, material and application, but also an accessory range that is second to none.

It started with a few freaks who constructed laboratory equipment (this is the reason for the standard ground glass fittings that are still used today) – for a neutral-tasting Kick. The basic form of the classic bong has been retained.

Today glass bongs are qualitatively higher than laboratory equipment and have been developed for Connoisseurs with particularly high demands.

This is in part due to the accessories that may be attached, for every purpose. There are Glass bongs that come in the standard form but also as Percolator, Dabbing, Ice Bongs or Bubblers.

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