BOLT 1800 Disposable 5ml – Watermelon Candy – 10 Pack

Introducing the Watermelon Candy BOLT Disposable. Delight in the vibrant sweetness of our Watermelon Candy disposable vape, where the refreshing juiciness of ripe watermelon meets the nostalgic joy of delicious candies. With each inhale, your taste buds are immersed in mouthwatering freshly sliced watermelon, delivering a burst of summery sweetness while the unmistakable flavours of sweet candy emerge, adding a playful twist to the experience. The exhale is a symphony of crisp watermelon and yummy candy, leaving behind the perfect balance of fruity and sugary bliss.

Available in 20mg and 50mg BOLTS of nicotine!⚡️

RRP – R120.00

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