Vaperite was founded in 2015 and was seen as an opportunity to start a business that would be the best in the industry, offering not only the best in customer service but also good quality products at a reasonable price. When our flagship branch Vaperite Bedford Village opened up, we didn’t want to be just another vape shop, we wanted to have something deeper, we wanted to build a community, and a safe space where our customers could feel comfortable coming to us for all their vaping needs.

Cannarite was founded in 2019, being an extension of our Vaperite chain, we wanted to educate people around the topic of cannabis as well as offer premium glassware, accessories and high-quality CBD products. We slowly introduced CBD into our Vaperite e-liquid ranges and saw so much potential to educate and build a brand dedicated to offering premium cannabis paraphernalia. We are also known for being the official distributors for Black Leaf Paraphernalia in South Africa. Cannarite is constantly growing and evolving, we aim to keep improving the business to bring you the best in the cannabis industry.

The People Behind the Brand:

For Vaperite and Cannarite, it all starts and ends with the people. Our staff are definitely the heart and soul of the company, continuously bringing up new ideas to better the business. Our staff members are young, eager to learn, and full of energy, ready to lend a hand to each and every customer that walks through our doors. Our willingness to grow and adapt with our customers and the industry is a highly valued aspect and we will not stop! The management team we have are goal driven, hardworking and take their roles seriously to ensure teamwork, communication, objective settings and performance appraisals are met so that our customers experience nothing but the best service. We are a team, not afraid to conquer, overcome and adapt to every challenge given to us.

The Customers:

Vaperite and Cannarite have a huge passion for this line of work, we are blessed with a customer base that is constantly growing. We are focused on ensuring that every customer that walks through our doors has an outstanding experience, whether it be an online or in-store visit. We aim to constantly improve the level of customer service, from product knowledge to our pricing we always have our customers in mind. We want you to always feel equipped to make the right purchasing decisions which is why our staff and our website are constantly updated with the latest information surrounding products in the industry. We are eternally grateful for the support we have gained from our customers, your loyalty and feedback is everything and without you we wouldn’t be in the position we are in today.

The Environment:

Good vibes are one of our biggest offerings, serving you smiles and a hand to help, we are the best when it comes to having a good environment. We have built our stores up to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with awesome educational videos, vape tricks and money-saving specials on our screens you will always be in the know with us! When you enter our stores, you are greeted with an environment that is packed with vibrant energy and lots of willingness to assist from our staff’s side. Most of our shops have seating available so our customers can sit back, relax and have a good puff of that new delicious vape!

The Products at Vaperite:

With competitive pricing and awesome new deals on the regular, Vaperite and Cannarite never fall short of having great prices. We offer, popular, top-of-the-range e-cigarettes, e-liquid, CBD, glassware, herb vaporizers, vaping and cannabis accessories. We want to make sure all our customers are offered the latest and greatest products and we are always open to suggestions! Due to the current legislation, we do not carry or sell any THC product.

The Vaperite Locations:

Over time, we have expanded into a range of different areas to make sure our stores are easily accessible to many of our customers. We have over 20 shops, located in, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape-Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London and for our customers who can’t make it to one our stores we offer online shopping with delivery nationwide!

We do our best to make sure our customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to variety, yes, it can be daunting but that’s why we have an amazing team that is willing to help you every step of the way. Our team will ensure you find the best product to suit your individual needs! So, there you have it, Vaperite and Cannarite aren’t just another shop, we are a family, and we take care of all our customers to the best of our ability! Vaperite and Cannarite can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!

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