Online Orders, Shipping & HQ FAQs

We don’t usually as the shipping costs would usually be high. You can request it and we will check with DHL how much it would cost, the customer would be responsible for the shipping costs as well as any duties that need to be paid

Your order will be processed that following Monday, provided that your payment has cleared into our account and the correct reference was used if an EFT payment was made. If you are in a local area you order should arrive on the Tuesday, if you are in an outlying area it can take 2-3 days to be delivered. Please note during very busy times these times may vary, but we will notify you if there are any delays

If your order is placed by 1pm we will be able to make sure its packed and booked in time for an overnight delivery. Please note that some areas do not allow for overnight deliveries, if you are unsure you can contact us or The Courier Guy to check whether you are eligible for an overnight delivery.

Our head office times are 8am – 4:30pm, this includes any online order queries. Our store times may vary from store to store, you can find this on the Store Locator page

Our average delivery time is 2-3 working days depending on the area we are delivering to. Some areas may take longer to deliver to if they are outlying

Usually 1 day if the order was paid for via card services, EFT payments do prolong the process up to 3 working days, if we do come across an issue with your order and cant get hold of you or we are heavily backlogged it can take longer. We will notify you if there are any delays

We don’t allow any collections from our warehouse but you can request to collect and if one of stores which are most convenient for you does have all the stock required for your order, we will arrange the stock to be packed at that store for you to collect ASAP. Provided that payment has cleared

You can track the status of your order on our website under “My Orders”. Processing means payment has cleared, it will be packed and your next step would be a tracking number for the couriers. On-Hold means we are waiting for payment to clear into our account, this can take up to 3 days depending on your bank.

Yes you can. Please call us on 010-023-2400 to cancel your order. You can then request credit or a refund. Refunds will require you to email [email protected] with your order number and bank details. Refunds can take up to 7 working days.

Health & Safety FAQs

The term “vaping” refers to a substance being heated to the point of releasing vapor, but not combusting as cigarettes would for example. Vaping devices include a mouthpiece, battery, cartridge/tank/pod which you would fill up with e-liquid/vape juices, and a heating component called the atomizer. The device heats up the e-liquid (also called e-juice or vape juice) to create the vapor that is inhaled into the lungs and then exhaled.

Most e-liquids contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Unless you are vaping 0mg nicotine e-liquids, you will most likely get addicted to vaping as your body starts to crave the sensation nicotine gives when vaping it. This is why vaping is recommended to people who smoke and already have a nicotine addiction, it is a healthier alternative to vape instead of smoke. We do not recommend vaping with nicotine if you have no need to.

If this were the case, you would simply drown yourself when taking a shower. When you shower you inhale water vapour, when you vape, you inhale water vapour, so no, vaping will not put water on your lungs

The majority of e-liquids made today contain an ingredient called Propylene Glycol (PG), and yes, Propylene Glycol is an ingredient sometimes used in the manufacturing of antifreeze. The FDA recognise Propylene Glycol as safe for human consumption and also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, Propylene Glycol is also sometimes used in the manufacturing of other food products like ice cream and margarine.

A number of studies have shown that vaping is less harmful than cigarette smoking. A report released in 2015 by Public Health England (PHE) claimed that overall, vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes. This was based on the fact that e-liquids do not contain any of the harmful or hazardous chemicals contained in cigarettes.

E-cigarettes commonly use lithium-ion batteries, the same as your laptop, cell phone, or most other electronic devices with rechargeable batteries. None of these devices pose any risk of exploding as long as they are used safely and as intended. Yes, manufacturing defects or user errors may occur, but the majority of reported cases were due to improper usage or poor maintenance. It is also recommended that you never use damaged batteries, you should always use approved or recommended chargers, store your batteries correctly and safely, replace them regularly and never overcharge them.

There are only 4 chemicals used when making e-liquids.  Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Nicotine (which is optional) or CBD (also optional), and Flavouring. Interestingly enough, all of these ingredients (except for nicotine) can be found in products we use on a daily basis like food, drinks, cosmetics, and medication. Still, we strongly advise that you do not drink e-liquid, but it is absolutely safe for vaping.

Because vaping does not involve combustion, there are very little to no harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes that get exposed when you vape. Studies show that the vapour released contains the same amount of carcinogens as the ambient air. It should be noted that e-cigarettes can be a source of second-hand nicotine, but not any of the combustion toxicants.

Yes, it’s true that in your teenage years you are more likely to get curious and get tempted to start smoking, and when there is something new and exciting or fashionable on the market, teens are more likely to try it out. Chances are that teenagers that smoke cigarettes already, may turn to vaping as an alternative. That being said, it should be noted that vaping is designed and marketed as an alternative to smoking or as a means to quit smoking. Like cigarettes, the Law prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids to those under 18’s.

E-liquids in general do not contain any water and those that do, contain extremely little. As there is little to no water in e-liquids, there is no way that vaping can cause water in the lungs.

Popcorn lung, or as it’s known medically, bronchiolitis obliterans is an inflammatory condition caused by a variety of chemicals or respiratory infections. Some of these chemicals include chlorine, ammonia, oxides of nitrogen or sulfur dioxide, or welding fumes. Some food flavoring fumes (such as diacetyl) can also cause irritation when inhaled in high amounts. The flavours used in the manufacturing of e-liquids, that do contain diacetyl, contain significantly lower amounts than what can be found in cigarettes.

There have been international reports of deaths linked to vaping and the media loves to blow this out of proportion. What the media fail to mention is that the majority of these cases are linked to people that buy e-liquids or devices from the black market or from unauthorised dealers or outlets.

As there is no combustion there is no smoke! When vaping, the e-liquid is heated in the device and you inhale the vapour. It’s like standing in front of your braai and smelling and inhaling the smoke vs holding a cup of coffee or tea and inhaling the steam.

“Wet Lung” is a term coined by the media for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a type of respiratory failure that can be caused by various trauma to the lungs, pneumonia, pancreatitis, and certain rare allergic reactions. A small number of people can have an allergic reaction to the Propylene Glycol (PG) contained in most e-liquids.

Nicotine does not cause cancer! There are over 7000 chemicals in traditional cigarettes, 70 of those chemicals, also known as carcinogens, can cause cancer. Nicotine is just an additive in cigarettes and some e-liquids.

There is such a thing as nicotine poisoning and this can be potentially deadly. However fatal overdoses are rare. There is data suggesting that more than 0.5g of oral nicotine ingestion is required to be fatal to adults. That is why we say, don’t drink your e-liquid. The amount of nicotine taken in when vaping or even smoking is not nearly enough to cause nicotine poisoning.

There could be multiple reasons for this.

Headaches could be caused due to vaping too much, in saying this, headaches are usually caused when vaping too much of a high nicotine strength. Remember that when you vape, nicotine enters the bloodstream causing blood vessels to narrow, which allows for less blood flow to your brain, in turn giving you a headache. If you are experiencing this, we recommend taking a short break to allow your blood to flow or try switching over to a secondary vape that has a lesser nicotine strength.

“Dry Mouth” is caused by dehydration, nicotine is known for causing dehydration especially when vaping high milligrams of it. It is important to drink enough water throughout the day to ensure your body stays hydrated while you vape!

Coughing could be due to vaping e-liquid that may be harsh for you, different brands may use different nicotine which in some e-liquids may be harsher and in others, it could be smoother. Another factor is flavoring. Some flavours are found to have a harsher inhale than others and this could also be causing a cough. If you are experiencing this consider switching over to a different nicotine strength or try a different flavour variant.

Vaping is less harmful than smoking, but there has not been enough research on vaping to determine any long-term side effects. Putting any sort of smoke, vapor, or substance into your lungs is not ideal, but vaping has been proven to have way less harm than a conventional cigarette. E-liquid, the substance which is vaporized by an e-cigarette, only contains 3-4 ingredients, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, food-grade flavouring, and nicotine (most brands have 0 nicotine options). Cigarettes, on the other hand, contain over 7000 chemicals, most of which are toxic. Just to name a few of the harmful chemicals in cigarettes, tar, formaldehyde, ammonia and so much more, these chemicals not only affect you but the people around you.

Vaping is a good way to quit smoking as it is the healthier alternative to cigarettes. It’s the best way to get your nicotine kick without all the harmful toxins that come from the burning of tobacco. You get to remain social, spend less, and once you have quit smoking you will feel so much better! Although Vaping is a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes there is not enough long-term research to suggest that it is completely harmless.

Device FAQs

There could be several reasons as to why a device is not firing: 

The device is not switched on.  In some cases, without realising one could have missed a click while trying to switch the device on. Always make sure you do 5 fast clicks on the power/fire button to switch the device on or off. There will usually be a flashing light to indicate whether it is on or off.

The coil has burnt out or is faulty. In some cases, you will find that your device does not fire, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the device is faulty, but could just be a manufacturing error on the coil or your  device does not fire when your coil is severely burnt. 

Low battery. In many cases we are all too eager to use our vape and we don’t leave it on charge fully, thinking the battery is faulty. Always leave your device on charge for the maximum time indicated for it to charge or until the light indicates that it is fully charged

The device is faulty in some cases. Please seek help from your sales consultant should you not succeed in getting your device to work. 

MTL is “Mouth To Lung” vaping, it is where you inhale the vapor from your device into your mouth and then into the lungs. MTL closely resembles the way in which most people smoke cigarettes. This form of e-liquid helps ease the transition from smoking to vaping.

Please refrain from using damaged batteries, using a damaged battery comes with many safety issues and can cause harm if they are not disposed of. Sometimes the wrapping may just be damaged or frayed but the battery itself is still fine, if this is the case please purchase new wraps and insulators and make sure your batteries are re-wrapped as soon as possible. If you notice any faults, dents, rust or your battery no longer holds charge please dispose of the battery safely.

Most e-cigarettes, mods, and external battery bays have a function called over-charge protection. When the device or battery is fully charged power to the device is usually cut off, but this isn’t always the case and it is advisable to only charge your devices and batteries for the recommended time while also checking on them every now and then.

Atomizers FAQs

The easiest deep clean you can do is to disassemble your tank and allow all the components (NOT the coil) to soak in hot water for about 30 minutes. Soaking the components will loosen up any stubborn e-liquid and other residue but you may also need to use a cleaning product like dishwashing liquid to properly clean up your tank if it is really stained. If you do use a cleaning product, please make sure to rinse your tank thoroughly and allow it to dry fully before attempting to vape from it again.

The Ω / Ohms unit of electrical resistance, transmitting a current of one ampere when subject to a potential difference of one volt. 

Coils and pods have steadily improved over the years but there are still many factors that play a role in how long your coil/pod will last, such as, the type of e-liquid, wattage, and how much a person is vaping. A coil/pod should be lasting you at least two weeks and can last up to about a month or month and a half depending on the above factors.

There is nothing worse than having your vape spit at you! Here is why this could happen and how to resolve the problem: 

Your coil could be over-primed, sometimes just that tad bit too much of priming saturates your coil causing it to spit back.

If you don’t use your device on a regular basis the liquid also saturates your coil which could cause the liquid to spit back and make that popping sound, giving you a heart attack every time making you think your vape is going to explode. Don’t worry, it won’t explode. That popping you hear is just little formed droplets of E-liquid on the coil, when you fire the device the drops on the coil  pop as they vaporise like water on a hot frying pan.

To resolve/prevent this from happening, make sure that you don’t over saturate your coil when you prime it.

Instead of inhaling when you press your fire button, exhale while firing to get rid of the excess liquid on your coil. 

Again, there could be a few reasons for this. 

Not priming the coil properly. Always remember to prime your entire coil properly (not too much or you will over prime) and let it sit for about 10 minutes to make sure the coil pulls in the liquid properly.

The more constant you vape, the faster your coil is going to burn out. If you are a frequent vaper who constantly pulls on your vape, your coils will have a shorter life span.

Cotton candy and apple pie sounds delicious right? It might be yes but, the sweeter and darker your liquids are, the faster they burn out your coils

An RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, a tank on which you build and wick yourself, these tanks can have either single, dual or triple coil options. 

An RBA is a Rebuildable Atomizer, this is a screw on deck that you can attach to your normal sub-ohm tank to make it a rebuildable tank. 

An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, a dripper does not have a tank section so with a dripper you have to drip your liquid on a regular basis so that your cotton does not dry out. 

An RDTA is a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, this is a tank that has a dripping option as well. 

It’s all in the wicks.  

If your cotton is too thick, your liquid does not pull through the cotton properly which gives you that horrible dry cotton/burnt taste, which we all know is hell on high wattage!!! 

If your cotton is too thin, you can experience spit back and leakage on your tank

E-Liquid FAQs

E-liquid consists of three main ingredients, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and food-grade flavourings. The fourth ingredient is nicotine, but there are e-liquid options available that contain zero nicotine.

New form of nicotine that is naturally formed in leaf tobacco and is more stable. Salt nicotine contains benzoic acid which makes it smoother and have a faster delivery system of the nicotine to your lungs, which is why many vapers are moving from freebase nicotine to salt nicotine as the throat hit mimics that of smoking a cigarette.

Sadly, in this industry there are a lot of cloning when it comes to e-liquids.  

One can firstly judge by the price in millilitres, for example if you go to certain establishments and see that there is a 100/120ml bottle of international e-liquid for R80-R120, that already should be a warning sign. Purchasing cheap and counterfeit liquids can have a health risk to you as we are not aware of what goes into that liquid.  

These juices also tend to burn your coils fast and is a thinner consistency than legitimate liquid. It also has a very bland taste to it.

Always purchase your e-liquid from an established and well-known vaping retailer. 


VG is short for vegetable glycerin, this is a thick, sweet liquid. VG is the chemical in vaping liquid that produces your clouds and vapor.

PG is short for propylene glycol, this is the thinner and tasteless liquid which produces more of a throat hit than VG does, which simulates the feel of smoking better. It also helps preserve the flavours from degrading, which is why it’s in so many food products.

Most e-liquids have a 70(%)VG and 30(%)PG ratio, which is the best level for cloud chasers, its smoother on the inhale but still gives a bit of a throat hit.

Some other e-liquids either have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio which works well in salt nicotine’s, and then there is also 80VG 20PG ratio which is not a very common ratio. This ratio can also increase vapor production with a slight decrease in the throat hit.

Dry Herb Vaporizers FAQs

Vaperite / Cannarite do not sell any form of cannabis/marijuana, THC concentrates, or products that contain these substances, but only offer products and paraphernalia used to consume these substances.

Since vaping cannabis is designed to release the active compounds (like CBD/THC) by heating your material instead of using combustion and most harmful chemicals ultimately get released during the combustion process, vaping cannabis is naturally a safer option. Because you are not burning the cannabis, the vapour you inhale, in theory, contains fewer toxins than the smoke from a joint would.


That said, and as with nicotine vaping, there is not a lot of hard evidence out yet to back this assumption up. So, it’s important to remember the rationale behind vaping instead of smoking in general as a means to reduce health risks.

It’s not really about it being safer, it’s about the fact that you are not using combustion to release the chemicals. Just like with vaping nicotine, since you are not using combustion, the risk of releasing unwanted chemicals or by-products is significantly decreased. With that in mind, it is certainly safer to vape cannabis. 

study done by Dr Dale H. Gieringer, PhD (Coordinator, California NORML – National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) showed a 79% reduction in tar, no detectable carbon monoxide, an 80% increase in THC and a 60% increase in CBD when vaping cannabis compared to using a clay pipe

  • Subtler smell and more discreet: You can still smell the cannabis when you vape it, but the smell is less extreme and doesn’t linger in the room as smoking would. A vaporizer is also way more discreet than a joint or a bong.
  • More enjoyable flavor: When smoking cannabis, all of the flavours and compounds are released, but so do the other potential toxins. When vaping your weed, the flavours that are released are not spoiled by the combustion process and are more enjoyable.
  • Cost-effective: Even after factoring in the hardware cost. the efficiency of using a vaporizer will make up for the cost of buying it as you also use less cannabis in your vaporizer compared to more traditional methods of consuming it.
  • You have control: When you burn cannabis, the compounds are released at combustion temperatures and the same mix of chemicals are released every time. With vaping, you can control the experience and the sort of high you get by adjusting the temperature of the vaporizer.
  • Grind it finely: If you grind your material finer, you increase the surface area of the material and this ensures an even vape. 
  • Pack the chamber tightly: You’ll get better performance if you pack your chamber tightly, but do not overfill it. This will improve the quality of your draws and the amount of vapour you get.
  • Use dry material: For the best results, dryer weed is much better to use in a vaporizer. 
  • Take shallow, gentle breaths: The best vaping method to use for using a vaporizer is the mouth-to-lung method. Take it slowly and steadily and inhale the vapour into your lungs gradually.


For the best effects of CBD, you should actually be using it on a daily basis, the use of CBD requires consistency in order to see/feel real results. You cannot overdose on CBD as it is a lipophilic substance (fat-soluble) which means it will compound in your body over time, adding to the potential health benefits!

Pure CBD oil does not contain THC, THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana and hemp that causes a high. CBD is used among most to relieve inflammation and other forms of muscle and joint pain, relaxation, drowsiness, enhanced appetite, anxiety and stress relief. 

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